la iglesia donde había paz
summer on the train platform


What or who was the greatest love of your life?
"Charlie Blair was the greatest love of my life, but not someone God was going to give me as a gift." 

Maureen O’Hara in Vanity Fair, August 2014

tanguera sentada

Babasónicos, LAMC 2014


Juana Molina, LAMC 2014


Choc Quib Town, LAMC / Celebrate Brooklyn 2014

Ana Tijoux, Latin Alternative Music Conference 2014


Poem Written on a Chipotle Receipt: M3

Be selfish
Show up
Fight for me

I’ll bend
I’ll break
I’ll be there


Un hogar para mis poemas (-:

Todos los que viven en el mundo hispanohablante - saben dónde podría entregar algunas de mis poemas escritas en español? La mayoría de las revistas que he encontrado acá en los EEUU son para los que son Latino o de Latinoamérica...

Soy tia.

Mañana voy a conocer a mi sobrino por la primera vez. Me siento una alegría nueva y me gusta. 


Tangos I Didn’t Dance

When your body feels so heavy
a dead weight
it’s going to stay permanently in the grass
but the rest of you wants to be let out
fly out and up through your rib cage to the sky
something beyond broken hearts and lowered expectations


Another Poem For M

I wish I were a better poet
Then I could make you see
Instead all of my poems fall to the floor
Remnants of a twelve-year-old me
I pick them up
Wondering why it seems to be that all love cracks around me
I can’t fix it
Even though 
You did everything perfectly
Each letter and word illuminated something within me
Chased away the cats and cobwebs
The fear of being lonely